Lost key pair seriously injured after fall while scaling façade to get back into Mijas property

Emergency services found two badly injured men unconscious on the street in the Miraflores area and a third man had suffered deep cuts to his arm after he smashed through a glass door


Worried neighbours called the emergency services after two badly injured men were found unconscious on the street in the Miraflores area of Mijas on the morning of Saturday 14 January.

Local Police officers and members of the Guardia Civil arrived on the scene. Upon seeing the condition of the men in the street, as well as that of a man who was calling for help from the terrace of the house with deep cuts on one of his arms, they requested the presence of the health services and the fire brigade.

The scene that greeted the police. / SUR

The police officers climbed up to provide initial assistance to the man on the balcony and tried to control the bleeding while the ambulance arrived. At the same time, they began to investigate what had happened, and found that two of the injured men had apparently fallen from a height while climbing up the building, having forgotten their keys.

The fire brigade helped move the injured man who was on the terrace so that he could be taken to the Costa del Sol Hospital, where another of the injured was also admitted, who, according to sources consulted, suffered a craniocerebral traumatism as a result of the fall. The most seriously injured, who was found convulsing and unconscious, was taken to the Malaga's Regional Hospital.

Source said that investigations ruled out there had been a violent incident and no police investigation has been opened.