The plenary session held this Wednesday 29 November. SUR
Juan Carlos Maldonado named second deputy mayor of Mijas

Juan Carlos Maldonado named second deputy mayor of Mijas

He will be paid 62,000 euros a year, like the rest of the councillors at the same level of responsibility in the local government team

Lorena Cádiz


Friday, 1 December 2023, 10:01


Juan Carlos Maldonado, whose vote tipped the balance to allow the PP's Ana Mata to become mayor last month, will have responsibilities in the Mijas council, for which he will be paid 62,000 euros a year, like the rest of the councillors at the same level in the management team.

The new local council, led by the PP, is thus bypassing what was approved in the last ordinary plenary session held last October, a few days before the vote of no confidence, in which Maldonado was declared a non-attached councillor.

This declaration, based on a request by Maldonado's current party Por Mi Pueblo after the local elections, meant that he would not have been able to take on a position of management on the council, nor have a salary. The party, however, has since withdrawn its request.

After the approval in the plenary session held this Wednesday 29 November in Mijas both the PSOE spokesperson and that of Ciudadanos, Manuel Roy Pérez and José Carlos Martín, respectively, referenced the secretary's report on Maldonado’s status. “We are obliged to follow the judge’s decision,” Roy Pérez said.

For his part, the PP spokesman, Mario Bravo, replied that “if they go to court we will win, because we have a report from the municipal legal advisor alleging that the position cannot be considered non-attached since his party has withdrawn the expulsion decision. If there is no cause there is no effect.”

The plenary session on Wednesday also gave the green light to the distribution of powers, so that the Mayor, Ana Mata will also be head of the Family and Equal Opportunities departments. The deputy mayor will be the councillor for Vox, Juan Carlos Cuevas Dawson, who will also be head of a number of departments, including Local Police, Fire, and Tourism.

Maldonado, who also becomes a deputy mayor, will have control of the Culture, Commerce and Tourism Promotion departments, among others, as well as being deputy mayor for La Cala. Urban Planning goes to Lourdes Burgos; Finance and Foreign Residents will be handled by Mario Bravo; Infrastructures and Works by Juan José Torres Trella, and Social Inclusion and Education by Melisa Manuela Ceballos Mercado.

The councillor for Fiestas will be Silvia Marín Serrano; Operational Services and Beaches will be run by Daniel Jesús Gómez Teruel; Urban Mobility by Marcos Cortés; Street Cleaning by Eloy Belmonte Valenzuela, and Sports and Youth by María Francisca Alarcón Leiva.

PSOE’s general secretary in Mijas, former mayor Josele González, railed against the disappearance of the Equality and Diversity department as “a change that already suggests that equality policies between women and men and LGBT+ policies will be non-existent for this administration of which Vox is a part.”

“This government team believes in the fundamental principles contained in the constitution and we will work for all those people who need coverage, not only for women who suffer gender-based violence, but also children and families,” the mayor replied.

The council session also heard the complaint by the new council team of the existence of 1,909 invoices pending payment, for a total of 15.9 million euros. Also, the new team, promised to reduce, in the next three months, the average payment period to suppliers, which is currently 72 days.

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