Adapt and Bioluminescence.

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Adapt and Bioluminescence. Lorena Cádiz
Urban art

Giant urban artworks bring extra colour to residential streets of Fuengirola

One of the town's busiest areas, El Boquetillo, has been transformed by this open-air art museum involving the creations of numerous artists

Lorena Cádiz


Friday, 24 November 2023, 17:03


Fuengirola now has a striking open-air urban art museum. The project began a few months ago, financed by EU funds and led by the town hall. The aim was to brighten up one of the main residential neighbourhoods of the town - El Boquetillo - close to Avenida de Mijas. So far it appears to have been a great success and it is already proving a draw for both fans of urban art and tourists to Fuengirola. Whoever comes across these giant murals cannot help but reach for their phone cameras to capture the art.

In total, 19 murals, which will soon be 20 as one of them is still being painted, make up this museum created with the contribution of multiple renowned artists. Some of the huge works in this unique outdoor gallery, include:

Adapt Or... this is the title of artist Lidia Cao. Her art tells a story about adapting to a new environment through a young boy who is under the sea with his eyes closed. "The background has a raw story full of personal problems, where each child overcomes a negative situation thanks to their willpower and ability to be rational," explained those behind the project.

Bioluminescence is the title of the mural by Manuel Delgado Díaz, better known as Murfin. His intention was to immerse viewers in a fun, marine world, full of fantasy and surrealism. With this surreal fantasy world, he wanted to capture people's attention so that they are entertained, analysing the different characters and dialogues going on.

Fuengirola local Alejandro Bermejo del Río's Marine Life (Vida Marina) also features in this collection. His work is a call for protection and conservation of the marine ecosystem. "Currently, it is estimated that up to 20 per cent of Mediterranean species are in danger, including the Loggerhead sea turtle, so it is important to raise awareness to create a more sustainable future," said the organisers.

Well-known urban artist El Alfil also got involved, with his work "dedicated to the sea as a metaphor for internal battles". The artist from Malaga is particularly emotive in this piece, using a poem within the art to create a dream-like and mysterious composition which makes us consider and reconsider our doubts.

The Magic of Dreams (La magia de los sueños) is the name of the mural by Kato, an artist from Seville who has been painting for more than 20 years. His mural depicts a girl surrounded by the last throes of a sunset, holding a starfish that illuminates the scene.

The message he is trying to convey here is that, even in the darkest of times, there is always a light to guide you to your dreams. In the distant horizon, you can make out the shape of Sohail Castle, one of the most iconic symbols of Fuengirola.

Well-known Galician artist Lulla Goce also left her mark on this street gallery with her work named Garden, which is a tribute to "nature, to Mother Nature and to the peace you can find in every corner of our environment".

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