Fuengirola mayor Ana Mula during the council meeting. SUR
'Animal friendly' Fuengirola links with association that aims to promote bullfighting
Animal welfare

'Animal friendly' Fuengirola links with association that aims to promote bullfighting

The Costa del Sol town's controversial move has sparked much debate as some councillors warned that all the recent efforts to protect wildlife an improve animal welfare will now be undone

Lorena Cádiz


Monday, 30 October 2023, 14:08

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A Costa del Sol town that has previously been recognised as an "animal friendly" town has moved its position to join an association that promotes bullfighting.

Fuengirola became a member of the Andalusian Network of Bullfighting Municipalities after Partido Popular, which governs the town with an absolute majority, voted in favour of the proposal presented by Vox last Wednesday.

Vox councillor Antonio Luna said: "bullfighting forms part of the historical and cultural heritage of our land and is a deeply rooted tradition in Fuengirola, as well as being a sector which generates wealth". PSOE councillor Trinidad Gómez criticised the move. "Joining this network is incompatible with the efforts of the municipality to promote animal welfare and the protection of wildlife," she said.

She pointed out that Fuengirola has made "notable progress in promoting animal welfare and harmonious coexistence between people and wildlife" and referenced the "exemplary role of the Fuengirola Bioparc as a global model that allows the presence of animals to be enjoyed in an ethical and educational way, without putting their welfare at risk". "Bullfighting is not just a tradition, but an activity that involves the suffering and death of animals," she added.

Spokesperson for Hacemos Fuengirola José Miguel López said: "I cannot understand that the PP and Ana Mula fill their mouths saying Fuengirola is an animal friendly city while they vote in favour of the inclusion of our town in the Network of Bullfighting Municipalities of Andalucía".

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