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Fuengirola Local Police to reinforce summer safety in the town with new campaign

Fuengirola Local Police to reinforce summer safety in the town with new campaign

Along with their usual duties, the extra officers will perform random speed checks and enforce municipal laws, paying particular attention to illegal street vendors

Monday, 13 June 2022, 14:39

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Local Police officers in Fuengirola will reinforce the security of the town with a summer campaign that will involve around 12,500 hours of extra service and another sixteen officers during the weekends in areas where there is the greatest influx of people.

The extra police presence will be in force from Wednesday 15 June until Sunday 11 September and, along with their usual duties, they will monitor pedestrian road safety. In addition, municipal law enforcement officers will perform random speed checks on the Paseo Marítimo and other roads in the town.

The officers will also enforce municipal byelaws, and they will pay particular attention to the illegal street vendors, a problem for which local business owners are demanding a solution.

One of the main areas to be patrolled will be the Paseo Marítimo, which, as well as being a favourite location for the street vendors, has recently had seven elevated pedestrian crossings and four speed cameras installed to reinforce road safety.

The new policing policy was announced by the town’s mayor, Ana Mula, who explained that the extra service would be divided between the morning, afternoon and night shifts. She also said that the summer initiative will be coordinated with the work of the National Police.

Target illegal street vending

“We will target illegal street vending in all its forms, as well as preventing any criminal or illegal activity within the framework that the legislation grants to the Local Police,” the mayor said.

She went on to say that the new measures were being employed to ensure the safety of both residents and visitors, but stressed that they will be “useless” without the collaboration of everyone.

“We ask everyone to respect the basic rules of coexistence in order to have an excellent summer in terms of security." If someone witnesses something that they consider is criminal or anomalous, they should call the Local Police of Fuengirola,” Mula said. The numbers to call are 092, 112 or 952 58 09 00.

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