The man was driving down the dual carriageway in Mijas Costa. sur
Driver detained in Mijas Costa was five times over the alcohol limit

Driver detained in Mijas Costa was five times over the alcohol limit

An off-duty Local Police officer saw the man’s vehicle zigzagging across the road early on Sunday morning and alerted colleagues to the danger

Irene Quirante


Friday, 21 October 2022, 12:36


The vehicle was zigzagging across the road and seriously endangering other drivers on the A-7 in Mijas Costa when it was spotted by an off-duty police officer who quickly alerted his colleagues. It turned out that the driver was five times over the permitted alcohol limit.

This was last Sunday, 16 October, at 7.15am near El Faro. As soon as the off-duty police officer saw what was happening he signalled to other drivers to slow down and stay back, to prevent an accident, and contacted the Local Police station in Mijas.

When officers located the car they had to follow it for a short while until they were able to stop it at an exit from the dual carriageway, in Calahonda.

When they asked the driver for his identification it was obvious that he was under the effects of alcohol, and when they breathalysed him he was way over the limit. The officers then took him to the police station and booked him for dangerous driving.

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