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Chocolate factory offers a sweet day out to kids from local children's home

Chocolate factory offers a sweet day out to kids from local children's home

The Mayan Monkey Chocolate Factory in Mijas invited 40 children to visit the workshop last weekend to make their own artisan chocolate

Friday, 10 February 2023, 12:39


Youngsters from the Ciudad de los Niños children's home in Malaga were given an extra special surprise last weekend, when they were taken on a free excursion to the artisan chocolate factory in Mijas.

The trip was organised by Johanna Grey, a caring British expat who had masterminded fundraising initiatives in December 2021, and in 2022, to ensure that every child at the home received a Christmas gift.

Last year, Johanna set up a GoFundMe page with the hope of raising 7,000 euros, but she did not hit her target. Although she still managed to buy each child a gift voucher and essential toiletries, she had little money left over to take the youngsters on day trips, as she had done the previous year.

However, the owners of the Mayan Monkey Chocolate Factory came to the rescue by offering 40 children a trip to the factory in Mijas, where they were given the chance to make their own chocolate, while also learning about the history of chocolate during a tour of the museum.

Johanna told SUR in English that the children all agreed that the best part of the trip was the chocolate, which they said was "the best they have ever tasted".

"It is really so kind of the owners to do something so charitable. We have never had anyone offer to give a free excursion to the children. This is a really kind gesture. They are spreading kindness and love and it is just such a wonderful thing for them to do," Johanna said.

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