The Aldi roundabout / IG

Neighbouring towns at war: Fuengirola orders a stop to work on shared roundabout with Mijas

Fuengirola Town Council threatens to send Local Police and impose sanctions over the tribute to healthcare workers

Ivan Gelibter

It was going to be a monument honouring healthcare workers, but it may end up as an ode to a lack of political dialogue. Fuengirola Town Council has ordered a stop – so far unsuccessfully – to reforms initiated by Mijas Town Council to a roundabout owned by both municipalities, each council being responsible for half the roundabout.

Recently, Mijas Town Hall began work to install a sculpture dedicated to healthcare workers at roundabout number three on the old Mijas to Fuengirola A-387 road, locally known as the Aldi roundabout.

But Fuengirola Town Council, led by Ana Mula, has written to Mijas warning that the work is irregular and that Fuengirola will not hesitate to ask the Local Police to stop it from proceeding because the work does not have a licence.

The police, Fuengirola council added, will undertake “all measures that are appropriate and necessary to achieve the halting of the works, including the sealing of the site and the removal of the machinery and materials used”. The council is also threatening its Mijas counterpart with heavy fines.

“What is requested is nothing more than what is required of any person or entity that intends to carry out work of these characteristics,” Fuengirola insisted.

Mijas however has pushed back arguing that Fuengirola has known for months about their plans for work at the roundabout as an email was sent explaining the project on 23 September 2021. “We have always collaborated in the past. We do not understand this attitude.”