Margery Anne Taylor receives an MBE for her work with the RBL. SUR
Margery Anne Taylor MBE: 'Throughout my life I have tried my best to help people'
New Year honours - Costa del Sol

Margery Anne Taylor MBE: 'Throughout my life I have tried my best to help people'

Current president of the Mijas RBL, she began fundraising for the Legion as a child and has been overwhelmed by the response to the award from friends and family

Tony Bryant


Friday, 5 January 2024, 15:09


Margery Anne Taylor, president of the Mijas Costa branch of the Royal British Legion (RBL), has been awarded an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire), a recognition that comes after 25 years of hard work in various roles within the RBL.

As well as being the president of her local branch, the former accountant is a frontline volunteer supporting serving personnel and veterans and providing valuable training to volunteers who want to follow in her footsteps.

However, she says that news of her MBE was “unexpected”, but a “tremendous honour and privilege”.

“I was absolutely speechless when I received the call from the ambassador. I just sat there stunned. I’m not sure who nominated me, but I would assume it was my peers from within the RBL. I am grateful and very proud to have the continued support of other Legion members in Spain South. Without them, this would not have happened,” Margery explained.

Margery, whose parents were both members of the RBL, acquired her charitable nature from childhood. She participated in fundraising events for the Legion in the UK, and this commitment has continued throughout her entire life.

“I was brought up to do whatever I could for whoever needed help, regardless of who they were or where they come from. I grew up fundraising for the Legion, helping out during the Poppy Appeal and doing anything else that was necessary, so I have been associated with them all of my life,” she said.

Complete surprise

Margaret moved to Spain with her husband in 1999 and, following his death in 2006, she needed something else to do, “because just working was not enough”.

“My husband had died and most volunteer-run associations seemed to want couples. I contacted the RBL and they were so helpful, so I made the commitment. I have held several roles with them since then. To do things within the community and caring for people who need help can be so rewarding in such a spectacular way, although I never thought for one minute that I would receive this sort of recognition,” she explained.

Margaret explained that the response to the news of her MBE has been “lovely” from other members of the Legion, from family and also from well-wishers from Spain and the UK.

“The response has been overwhelming. I have had messages from people I have not seen or spoken with in years. My family are also very proud to hear this news, especially my daughter, who is excited about the prospect of returning to the UK to accept the medal,” Margaret said.

However, Margaret says that the importance is not that she has received the MBE. She hopes the recognition will help to focus more on what the Royal British Legion are doing. She also says that the new title will not change the way she works because her ethics are based on the “simple joy” of knowing that she can make a difference by “helping others”.

“I am the type of person who believes that if something needs doing, then you just do it. This is how I was raised. Throughout my life I have tried my best to help people in whatever way I could, so to be rewarded for doing something that already gives such fulfilment to my life is amazing,” she concluded.

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