Building a luxury villa in Marbella costs around five million euros. SUR
What does it cost to build a brand-new bespoke luxury villa in Marbella?

What does it cost to build a brand-new bespoke luxury villa in Marbella?

A 1,300 m² plot of land with sea views on the Golden Mile will currently set you back more than one million euros

María Arrabal


Tuesday, 2 April 2024, 20:27


How much does it cost to build a bespoke luxury villa in Marbella? To design, build and equip the property with technical installations and furnishings with gardens and swimming pool currently costs around five million euros, according to the guide that Pure Living Properties estate agent has produced. It details all the steps necessary to build a first class property and the total cost of the project, taking into account the current situation and the recent price increases in both building materials and plots and in the fees of the various professionals needed to complete the project.

However, the final price can be influenced by an infinite number of variables that can increase the price considerably depending on the client's preferences throughout the process.

"Many of our clients were wondering whether it is more profitable to build a home from scratch by custom designing it or to buy a property and adapt it to their needs, so we decided to produce this guide to help them in the process of obtaining the home of their dreams in Marbella, whichever option they choose," said Javier Nieto, CEO of Pure Living Properties.

Medium-sized luxury villa

The total cost of the operation can be increased or reduced depending on the quality of the materials chosen, the size of the property or the extras added during the process. Taking into account the current market situation, the price for the construction of a medium-sized luxury villa is around two million euros.

As for the interior decoration of a luxury mansion, the design project costs around 35,000 euros, the provision of high-end furniture ranges from 500,000 to 600,000 euros and the kitchen usually costs around 60,000 to 70,000 euros on average.

Most of these luxury villas operate with intelligent home automation systems that allow their owners to manage areas such as lighting, temperature, music and security from anywhere in the world. Equipping a home of these characteristics with SmartHome technology systems costs around 485,000 euros.

The electrical system costs around 80,000 euros in addition to other installations such as air conditioning (200,000 euros), underfloor heating (85,000 euros) and intelligent lighting inside and outside the property (120,000 euros).

Sustainable outdoor areas

One of the main reasons why clients in this exclusive market choose the Costa del Sol is the climate, which offers more than 300 days of sunshine a year. For this reason, outdoor areas, gardens and swimming pools are particularly important in this type of property.

"We are aware of the complicated situation that Malaga province is going through due to the lack of rainfall, which is why we always guide our clients so that the outdoor areas are as sustainable as possible, opting for intelligent systems so as not to waste a single drop of water in swimming pools and gardens, where we also always recommend the use of native plants with low water consumption", said Javier Nieto.

The landscaping project to design a tailor-made garden costs around 5,000 euros, creating green areas is around 50,000 euros and the construction of a swimming pool starts at 60,000 euros, although it can reach 250,000 euros for the most exclusive pools.

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