Karim with Jeison after he was given the bicycle (left) and the two brothers from Marbella playing on the beach (right). SUR
Marbella brothers give their bike to delivery boy after thieves took the one he needed for work

Marbella brothers give their bike to delivery boy after thieves took the one he needed for work

Sara and her two children, seven and twelve, contacted the man to offer him the bike after finding out on social media that his means of earning a living had been stolen

Irene Quirante

Tuesday, 20 February 2024, 14:07


Jeison is 22 years old and earns his living as a Glovo delivery man. He started out with a borrowed bike and after "many hours of work", managed to save just over 200 euros to afford a better one. But that prized possession was stolen last Friday, 16 February, when he left it outside the door of a restaurant he had gone into to pick up an order in Marbella.

"I was very upset because it was the tool I had to work with; imagine, to have it stolen in a moment," Jeison said. That desperation led him to share his predicament on social media through the account Marbella Se Queja, from which he asked for help if anyone could locate his bicycle.

Jeison arrived in Marbella in August last year after leaving his home country Venezuela due to its complicated political and economic situation. There, he left his parents to join his older sister on the Costa del Sol, with the aim of finding a job.

What the young man did not imagine was that with that Instagram post he would touch the heart of a family in Marbella. Sara, the mother of Karim and Cayetano, seven and twelve, said that they decided they should give the older brother's bicycle as a gift when they heard about the theft.

"They found out because I was very emotional about it, my younger son saw tears came to my eyes when I read the story on the internet and he asked me what was wrong," Sara said. Karim almost begged his mother to give away his bicycle. "It's a good bike that we had at home and that Karim couldn't use yet because I bought it thinking about when he was older," Sara said.

Sara found Jeison's mobile number and arranged to meet on Saturday in Nueva Andalucía. "Karim asked me, 'Mummy, can I give it to him?' He was jumping up and down with joy," Sara added.

"It made me so happy; am very grateful," Jeison said. Sara pointed out that he kept telling her the bike was much better than the one he had previously. "For me it was just a gesture; I always taught my children that you have to give without expecting anything in return," she added.

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