Ángeles Muñoz, left, with Triple A president Elise Dunweber. / sur

Triple A to receive 80,000 euros from Marbella town hall

The animal welfare association is currently in temporary premises while new facilities are being built which will enable it to look after even more abandoned animals


Marbella council and Triple A have signed a collaboration agreement under which the animal welfare association will receive 80,000 euros so it can continue its work with abandoned animals in the municipality.

The agreement was signed by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, and Triple A president Elise Dunweber, and it is similar to those of recent years. At present the association and its volunteers are caring for more than 500 animals, which are mainly dogs and cats, although there are some other species.

“They work very hard to provide the best living conditions for these pets,” said Muñoz, and the council is not just contributing to the running costs but also funding the construction of new kennels at a cost of 1.2 million euros. The new facilities will enable Triple A to look after even more abandoned animals. “Animal wellbeing is a priority for us,” said the mayor.

Elise Dunweber expressed her thanks to the council for their collaboration, and explained that the new kennels will enable the association to provide better living conditions for the animals.

While the construction work is being carried out, the town hall has provided temporary premises for the association and the animals in its care.