The shelter in Marbella will be renovated / JOSELE

Triple A animal shelter in Marbella to be renovated at a cost of 1.2 million euros

Animals in the charity's care will be moved to nearby facilities while work gets under way


The Triple A animal shelter in Marbella, which currently cares for around 500 animals - cats and dogs - will undergo a much-needed renovation funded in part by Marbella town council.

The current facilities are "very old", said Clara Gómez, who has been volunteering with the charity for 15 years. "The fences are all rusty, the sanitation, the floors, everything is many years old and cannot even be cleaned properly. With new, more modern materials that are easier to clean and better for the animals.”

Work is expected to take almost one year and in the meantime the animals will be moved to a specially adapted warehouse nearby. Walking the dogs there will not be a problem, however each cat must be moved individually in a travel crate. Over the course of the year, the charity may also need more volunteers to help the animals adapt to their changed surroundings. It is expected the change will be harder for the cats than the dogs.

The renovation project costs 1.2 million euros, half which will be used to improve water supply and sanitation.

Triple A is an officially registered, non-profit organisation, mostly run by volunteers dedicated to helping and caring for abandoned and abused animals, offering them dignified shelter while homes are sought for them. It was founded in 1992.

At any given time, the shelter looks after more than 400 dogs and 150 cats, giving full-time work to several employees and two veterinarians. Monthly maintenance fees for the shelter exceed 30,000 euros.