The trees are being felled on Marbella's Avenida del Trapiche SUR
Opposition party denounces 'indiscriminate' Marbella tree felling

Opposition party denounces 'indiscriminate' Marbella tree felling

The town hall claims that only diseased specimens or those that are blocking the drainage system on Avenida del Trapiche are being cut down

David Lerma

Tuesday, 19 July 2022, 20:02


The remodelling of Marbella’s Avenida del Trapiche, which in part is taking place to separate the rain water and sewage that flow underground, has been reported to the town’s public prosecutor by the opposition political group Impulsa Ciudad.

The reason for the complaint they say is the "indiscriminate" felling of trees, which the group's spokesman, Javier Lima, describes as: "Regrettable, in a context of the climate emergency in which urban green areas should be preserved.”

The complaint by Impulsa Ciudad is based on a 2019 report by the town hall’s parks and gardens department in which the felling of the trees is not contemplated, except in cases of serious disease.

However, on Wednesday of last week, three trees were chopped down but Fabiola Mora of Impulsa Ciudad claims she was able to stop the work after reporting it to the police.

Town hall response

On Thursday the Izquierda Unida party showed their support to Impulsa Ciudad as six more trees were felled but no interventions were recorded on Friday. According to Mora, the police report has been requested by "ordinary procedure, but it could take some time".

Marbella town hall has said it is handling its own report, commissioned, according to Impulsa Ciudad sources, from Auxiliadora Pérez, an employee of the consultancy firm Alfiz97, based in Benalmádena. SUR asked to see the report but has not had access to it.

Town hall sources did react on Thursday by saying that "the felling of some of the specimens responded to their condition or was due to the remodelling of the sewage system, affected precisely by the roots of these specimens."

The response went on to say, "As has already been explained to residents and the media, when the three phases are completed, 70 trees will have been planted, more than double the number that existed previously".

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