The accused, sitting on the front row in the courtroom. / IRENE QUIRANTE

Three accused hitmen face possible 52-year sentence for Costa del Sol bomb attacks

The public prosecutor says that the perpetrators, who were acting on orders, detonated two devices in the home and in the business of the victim in Marbella


Three Swedish nationals are facing a possible 52-year sentence for placing two explosive devices at a home in Benahavís and at a business in San Pedro Alcántara, both properties belonging to the same person, who survived the attacks.

The public prosecutor's office is also investigating the trio for belonging to a hitmen squad, known as Los suecos (the Swedes); as well as the possession of explosives, attempted murder, identity fraud and ongoing damages.

The events took place on 9 October, 2018. In the court documents, the prosecutor said the trio "drew up an intricate plan" to make an attempt on the victim's life and his property. The accused used a BMW car, which had been stolen in Belgium in 2014, to transport the bombs and they later torched the vehicle.