Ten arrests on the Costa del Sol in one month related to organised crime in Marbella

Ten arrests on the Costa del Sol in one month related to organised crime in Marbella


National Police officers have carried out around 300 security checks, with some 3,000 people identified and 1,300 vehicles checked since the security forces crackdown

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Wednesday, 22 May 2024, 20:04


National Police officers on the Costa del Sol have detained ten people in relation to organised crime in Marbella in just one month. Of the arrests made between 11 April and 10 May, four were for crimes against public health, three for European Arrest Warrants (EAW), and three for judicial complaints, the force announced on Tuesday 21 May.

It comes after the first four months of an increased police presence along the Costa del Sol, particularly in Marbella, with the aim of combating organised crime. Some 300 security checks were carried out in the town during this period, with around 3,000 people identified and 1,300 vehicles checked.

The special plan involves officers from the Local Police of Marbella, as well as specialist police, non-uniform, the dog unit and officers from other police stations in the Andalucía region.

More police on the streets

A greater police presence on public roads resulted in more than 1,300 cars being checked since the start of the crackdown. Police officers also carried out searches in residential areas. Some 300 checks were carried out and 227 reports processed related to drug seizures, and 29 for weapons.

Since the start of the campaign the police have had subsequent meetings with neighbourhood and business associations, who said they have noticed an improvement in safety.

Violent robberies are down

The increased presence has also led to the detection of more forged documents, road safety offences and industrial property offences. Meanwhile in relation to incidents that generate the greatest fear among the community, there has been a significant reduction in burglaries. Reported vehicle thefts have also dropped.

The security measures have also allowed police to identify different people related to organised crime, generating intelligence for various other investigations.

The operation has already led to the closure of a business in Puerto Banús and the last violent crime incident was reported on 13 April, when the security crackdown had just been activated, and there have been no further incidents since.

On 16 May there was an incident in Fuengirola, where the Costa del Sol Plan will soon be extended. The perpetrators of the last six shootings in Marbella have been identified and most of them arrested. The rest are said to be arrested shortly.

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