The dog is a small white greyhound. / Instagram

Swedish influencer offers 10,000-euro reward to whoever finds her dog in Marbella

Linn Lowes' mini greyhound went missing on Monday during a walk in the La Cañada area


Linn Lowes, an Instagram influencer who uses her platform to share exercise routines and positive messages with her 2.9 million followers, is now offering a 10,000-euro reward to the person who finds her dog, Himla, lost on Monday 25 April in Marbella.

The dog went missing at about 7pm. The influencer and her partner were on a walk in the La Cañada area when a dog off its lead attacked Himla, causing her to panic and run away.

Lowes told SUR that she has been desperately trying to find her pet since then, looking at the La Cañada security camera footage, flying a drone and even contacting the police. However, by Wednesday afternoon they still hadn't been able to find her.

Himla is a mini greyhound with short white hair. She is about 40 centimetres high and weighs around five kilos.

Since the dog's disappearance, Lowes has shared pictures of her on social media in the hope that someone can help find her. “I'm absolutely devastated, please share this,” she posted on Instagram.

The post is still being shared by followers, and her pictures have thousands of likes and comments of support. Other social media pages, such as Marbella se Queja, have also shared the news and people from the neighbourhood have shown their intentions to help find the dog.

The telephone number set up for the search is 685098878.