Joakim Peter Broberg, stepson of the Marbella mayor Josele
Stepson of Marbella mayor faces 22 years in prison for alleged drug trafficking between Spain and northern Europe
Court case

Stepson of Marbella mayor faces 22 years in prison for alleged drug trafficking between Spain and northern Europe

Joakim Peter Broberg is also accused of bribing police and money laundering, and could be ordered to pay a fine of 30 million euros

María Albarral


Friday, 16 February 2024, 08:12

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Joakim Broberg, the stepson of Marbella mayor Ángeles Muñoz, could face 22 years in prison for his alleged involvement in drug trafficking operations between Spain and northern Europe.

The court indictment, seen by Europa Press and which involves 28 other alleged criminals, points to Broberg as one of the alleged leaders of the network. The public prosecutor's office is demanding an 11-year sentence for Broberg "heading" the alleged criminal organisation, four years for bribery and seven years for money laundering and Broberg could also face a fine of 30 million euros

According to the public prosecutor's office, during 2019, Broberg and Roberto Bayona, another of the accused, "made deliveries of marijuana from Spain to France". While the former "acted as the boss and was in charge of maintaining contacts with suppliers and clients", Bayona "carried out personal interviews, follow-ups and shuttle services as necessary". The following year, Broberg "maintained contacts with different substance suppliers such as the one known in EncroChat as Canaryegg, in order to supply himself with drugs coming from Morocco and which would arrive by boat to Spain".

Broberg "maintained contacts with Rafael Gallego, a local police officer in Marbella, who provided him with restricted information for police use only, in exchange for cash", according to the public prosecutor's office.

In order to hide the origin of the funds with which "he carried out his business and investment activities", Broberg collaborated with his now deceased father, Lars Gunnar Broberg, who was also indicted in this case. To carry out the alleged money laundering operations, Broberg had as his "base of operations" two real estate offices in the Plaza de Marbella shopping centre, according to the public prosecutor's office.

It was in October 2022 when judge Manuel García Castellón, indicted some 30 people, including Broberg and his father, for forming part of the drug-running organisation.

The public prosecutor's office warned that the crime of bribery allegedly attributed to Broberg and the local policeman from Marbella should be tried by a jury.

Political opposition

Opposing political groups in Marbella have not wanted to comment about the case. However, socialist party councillor Pepe Bernal demanded explanations from the Partido Popular Marbella mayor about "the two companies belonging to her stepson that were invoicing the town hall for an amount of around 1.5 million euros".

"Mrs Muñoz now has an opportunity after the public prosecutor's report to explain what relations the Marbella town hall has with these companies belonging to her stepson and her now deceased husband, who have only and exclusively been contracted with Marbella town hall and not with other institutions," he said.

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