Image of the Palacio Olivia which the woman could be set to inherit / Ciutadella town hall

Court gives Marbella woman permission to exhume her possible grandparents in dead tycoon's inheritance battle

She claims to be the deceased multimillionaire's daughter and direct heir, and the legal proceedings in Menorca were heard after his two brothers refused to take DNA tests

Irene Quirante

A court in Menorca has authorised the exhumation of the possible grandparents of a 70-year old woman from Marbella. She claims to be the daughter of a deceased tycoon who left a legacy of millions of euros as well as numerous properties, including two palaces.

Since 2021, the woman has been fighting a legal process to try to get the relationship recognised, which would make her the sole heir to the man's estate, which includes "numerous homes and estates, as well as cultural and artistic investments" on Menorca as well as in Barcelona.

The court has authorised the evidence requested by the woman's lawyer, Fernando Osuna. The woman’s supposed father was cremated, so the judge has agreed to the exhumation of the remains of the woman’s apparent grandparents.

Sole heir

The woman's possible father, a multimillionaire from Menorca who also lived in Barcelona, allegedly had a relationship with the plaintiff's mother. According to Osuna, the man, who was single, was planning to recognise the woman as his daughter some time ago and was in contact with her before his death.

This tycoon died a few years ago and according to the lawyer, his brothers, the apparent uncles of the plaintiff, refuse to take the DNA test, which has led to the exhumation of other relatives in order to verify the relationship.

Osuna explained that "the lawsuit is against two of the millionaire's nephews" who would be stripped of their inheritance. This is because in the event that the samples prove that she is the tycoon's daughter, the woman would be the only direct heir, since she has no siblings.