Local Police have arrested six people in connection with the theft of luxury watches. Josele
Six people arrested in connection with theft of high-end watches in Marbella

Six people arrested in connection with theft of high-end watches in Marbella

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Local Police have recovered three luxury Rolex timepieces valued at more than 50,000 euros

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Friday, 2 June 2023, 17:45

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Marbella Local Police have carried out two operations in which they have arrested six people linked to the theft of high-end watches and have recovered three timepieces worth more than 50,000 euros. Two of the detained were subject to search and arrest warrants issued in Catalonia. Two others were carrying false identity cards.

Since last year, a group of the Marbella Local Police force has been assigned a specific task for the prevention of the theft of high-end watches in coordination with the National Police. It was this group that carried out the interventions.

The first was ten days ago, when a plainclothes unit carrying out surveillance observed a vehicle, a grey Honda Jazz, with four occupants parked in the near an establishment.

The officers followed the individuals and found that they were watching people leaving who were wearing luxury watches. The police found that one of the suspects was in charge of identifying potential victims, while two others were about ten metres away waiting to act. After a few minutes, one of the individuals noticed the police presence and alerted the rest of the group in Arabic, who immediately left the area in a car. Officers followed the car and managed to stop it shortly afterwards, before carrying out the arrests.

A second police action took place in the early hours of Thursday 1 June, when officers arrested two people. Other officers from the high-end watch theft prevention unit were on patrol and discovered a Yamaha motorbike on Alfonso de Hohenlohe Boulevard and two individuals.

After a chase the driver was arrested while his passenger pushed one of the officers and fled on foot, heading in the direction of the beach. A few metres later this man was also intercepted by another unit of the Local Police as he was leaving a garden area where he had hidden his helmet and the jacket he was wearing.

The detainees are K.N., aged 29, born in Jersey and resident in Barcelona, and A.K. born in 1992 and of Polish nationality. In the operation, the agents seized three high-end Rolex watches with a total value of more than 50,000 euros. The detainees and the rest of the evidence were handed over to the National Police Force.

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