The building is by the southern ring road in San Pedro. SUR
San Pedro sports hall nears completion

San Pedro sports hall nears completion

Andrea Jiménez

Friday, 4 August 2023, 16:11

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Work on the structure of the new indoor sports complex in San Pedro is now almost three quarters complete. The local council has said it expects it will open at the start of next year.

The six-million-euro facility is being built on Calle Lyon by the southern ring road, between the main boulevard and the beach, and will have different areas spread over 4,300 metres.

At its heart will be a large sports hall with spectator seating. This can be divided and laid out for different sports, especially volleyball, handball, basketball and five-a-side football. There will also be changing rooms plus areas for different types of smaller-scale activities such as yoga, as well as parking.

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