The road at present is narrow with no hard shoulders or pavements. / sur

Road from Marbella to Istán to be made safer, at a cost of nearly 4.2 million euros

The works will take a year to complete and will be jointly financed by the council and the Junta de Andalucía


Plans are under way to make the initial stretch of the Marbella to Istán road (the A-7176) safer and prettier. This part of the road nearest the coast is surrounded by urbanisations and is used not only by a great deal of traffic, but also by pedestrians. However, it is narrow - less than six metres wide - and there are no hard shoulders, which makes it difficult for cyclists and drivers to coexist.

All that is about to change: the Lantania company has just been awarded the contract to widen and completely remodel the road, at a cost of 4,190,846 euros which will be jointly financed by the Junta de Andalucía (60%) and Marbella council (40%).

The project includes creating 1.5 metre-wide hard shoulders and pavements which are 2.5 metres wide on each side of the road and building four roundabouts to reduce traffic speed and increase safety. There will also be new street lighting, an irrigation system for roadside vegetation and palm trees will be planted at the sides of the road.