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'Radical transformation' of Virgen del Carmen marina in Marbella proposed

'Radical transformation' of Virgen del Carmen marina in Marbella proposed

The town hall has announced its desire to continue to manage the marina for another 25 years when the current right expires in 2026

María Albarral


Sunday, 7 January 2024


Marbella town hall plans to continue running the Virgen del Carmen marina for another 25 years, when its current right expires in 2026. To this end, the council has agreed with the board of directors of the managing company at its annual general meeting to hire an engineering consultancy to process the reapplication for the concession of the premises.

"Our commitment is to meet all the requirements set by the Junta de Andalucía regional government to request that the management of the marina, which expires at the end of 2026, is extended for 25 years until 2051 and this is the first step we are taking to start the process," said councillor Diego López. He explained that "there are procedures that require conscientious and specialised work to develop the different reports - mainly technical, legal and financial - to obtain this extension and, for this reason, we consider that the most It is appropriate that they be carried out by professionals with extensive experience in this field and who provide all the guarantees."

The councilor specified that "in order to obtain the renewal of the concession it is essential to undertake, in collaboration with the Junta, an ambitious project to remodel the site" and detailed that "despite the fact that the investment must initially be around 20 percent of the economic performance of the facilities, our intention is to go further and promote a global transformation of the port".

López pointed out sustainability works, as well as improvements to respond to the current needs of the nautical sector, especially in terms of the size of the boats; the increase in parking spaces and greater promotion of the marina are needed. "We want to modernise and adapt to the new times a marina that has the Blue Flag as a guarantee of excellence in management, which is a jewel within the city and which, despite the fact that many improvements have been made in recent years, requires a comprehensive investment," López said.

Last July, mayor Ángeles Muñoz held a meeting with the general director of the Public Ports Agency of Andalucía (APPA), Rafael Merino, and councillor López to discuss the extension of the management of the marina. "We want to go further and promote a radical transformation of the port," she said. Merino said "we are going to move forward with a great project taking advantage of the request for the extension of the municipal management" and pointed out that the marina "needs to modernise and adapt to the new times of the nautical sector".

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