ProDunas volunteers cleaning up Marbella's beaches. / SUR

ProDunas volunteers resume their work in Marbella

Participants removed 2,500 kg of pine cones and 2,000 canes previously uprooted by the town hall


The ProDunas association has been able to resume their activity and for the 2021-2022 season they have started dune-conservation tasks, programmed weekly. Every Tuesday. from 10am-12pm, they visit different dune sites, either to clean them up or to collect seeds and fruits from autochthonous shrubs.

During the month of November, volunteers met up once again to clean Marbella's beaches and its surroundings. A total of 58 people participated and they were able to pick up 2,500 kg of pine needles, freeing the dunes of rubbish and leaving the ground ready to collect rainwater.

As on other occasions, ProDunas also had help from other local associations such as Fundatul, Asociación Valores and even a group of Erasmus students from Poland. The five Polish participants returned home with a certificate that recognises their volunteer work which can be used for future jobs.

Also workers from the beach delegation uprooted a reed bed on La Adelfa beach, which 22 volunteers took away so it wouldn't re-root itself. In total, 2,000 canes were removed.