Police investigate video of woman in bikini riding on the roof of a Porsche in Marbella traffic

The clip was recorded by another motorist in the Costa del Sol town at the weekend and it has since gone viral on social media networks


Spain’s Guardia Civil police force is trying to identify the driver of a Porsche that was filmed on the Costa del Sol at the weekend with a woman in a bikini riding on the roof of the vehicle.

The incident was apparently recorded on Saturday, 11 June, on the A-7 dual carriageway as it passes through Marbella. A following driver filmed the footage with his mobile phone from a vehicle following the Porsche and in the video a child's voice is heard saying: "A lady on top of the car, daddy!"

The woman is seen being encouraged to dance and make the victory sign while the vehicle drives down the busy road. At one point, the driver of the Porsche also sticks an arm out the window.

The video is being investigated by officers from Guardia Civil’s traffic group, who already have the vehicle's registration plate number.