Antonio Banderas signs the barrel of El Pimpi Marbella with Cobos, Shamoon and Muñoz. Josele

Malaga's iconic El Pimpi bodega and restaurant extends its reach with new venue in Marbella

The new venture, in which actor Antonio Banderas is a partner, is located at the Puente Romano Beach Resort

Juan Soto


Friday, 10 May 2024, 10:06


The wine barrels and the unique essence of El Pimpi have just landed in Marbella. The famous Malaga bodega has extended its reach to the Costa del Sol, where it has just opened its first establishment away from the city. The restaurant has been opened inside the Puente Romano Beach Resort Hotel, in the most Andalusian area of the whole complex.

Although true to its roots, the new bodega is much more chic than the original, with a small bar area for tapas (for the moment only for a few hours a day) and a wide gastronomic offer.

The presentation of the new dining venue, which will officially open today Friday (10 May), took place last night to the rhythm of flamenco, and was attended by the Malaga-born actor/director and partner of the bodega, Antonio Banderas, who was accompanied by his other two business partners: Elena Cobos and Pablo Gonzalo. Banderas himself was in charge of unveiling the barrels in the form of an autograph to wish the new premises luck.

During the launch event for the new restaurant, the main players confirmed that it arose from the mutual and unconditional love of El Pimpi and Puente Romano for Andalucía: for its traditions, for its wonderful people and for everything that makes this region a unique and artistic place in the world. On the other hand, they added the common desire to promote the extraordinary richness of this land and to make it known to as many people as possible.

Atmosphere during the inauguration of El Pimpi Marbella.
Atmosphere during the inauguration of El Pimpi Marbella. Josele

On a gastronomic level, the menu of the new restaurant will be similar to the one offered in Malaga, and it will offer a product, service and tradition on a par with its big brother. "This will be the starting point for its customers to experience the flavour and history of Malaga with the best seal that exists in a unique environment," they said.

The menu includes classics such as Pim-pi prawns (24 euros), fried aubergines with honey (15 euros), an assortment of Andalusian cheeses (30 euros), seafood dishes such as fried anchovies or marinated dogfish (18 euros each) or meats. For the more sybarite, there are tins of Riofrío organic caviar (150 euros).

Love from a young age

During the presentation, Banderas recalled his love affair with El Pimpi since he went there for the first time when he was nine years old, and which has continued until present day. "I used to take my first girlfriend to dinner at El Pimpi; I shot a film there, El Camino de los Ingleses, and I live practically on top of it."

Marbella, a town he loves because his daughter was born there, has a personal appeal to the actor, so much so that in his obligatory signature on the barrel he has written: "El Pimpi Marbella. In Marbella my daughter Stella was born and now this Pimpi 2.0 is born. Full satisfaction."

In this love affair, he assured that El Pimpi did not choose Puente Romano, but rather the other way around, as those in charge of the complex are very demanding when it comes to choosing their companions. "A lot of the best restaurants in the world are concentrated here, but one of the things it lacked was Spanish and Andalusian food," he added.

In reference to their arrival in Marbella, Elena Cobos confessed that destiny has taken them away from their natural home, which is Malaga. "We are all in constant change because life is unstoppable; that is why we are taking advantage of this opportunity offered by this destination to project our Pimpi outside."

Heartbeat of the Andalusian people

Speaking of this new Malaga-Marbella idyll, Daniel Shamoon, co-director of Puente Romano, acknowledged that they have been doing new things for many years, bringing international brands to Marbella, but that they were missing the heartbeat of the Andalusian people. And to achieve all this, El Pimpi "is perfect". Smiling, he said that both establishments are practically the same because they have the same essence. "For me it has been the best decision of all; to bring the Andalusian heart to Puente Romano."

The presentation ceremony was also attended by the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, who believes that places like this will increase the loyalty of the people who visit the hotel complex. "If there is something that Puente Romano was missing, it was the soul that El Pimpi transmits, a place with a unique raw material."

Bodegas El Pimpi has been a landmark in Malaga city since it opened its doors in August 1971. More than half a century later, the business project started by businessmen and friends Francisco Campos and Pepe Cobos employs more than 200 people.

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