Pedestrians have priority in San Pedro Alcántara street

Pedestrians have priority in San Pedro Alcántara street

The remodelling has made Calle Mimosa a single-level, one-way street

Joaquina Dueñas


Friday, 27 January 2023, 13:52

The complete renovation of Calle Mimosa in San Pedro Alcántara has meant a change in the road which has made life easier and safer for pedestrians. The changes have been made by converting it into a single-level street with one-way traffic.

In addition to the new asphalt and the provision of pavements over a surface area of 2,072 square metres, a new lighting network has been installed in the street and the sewerage system has been improved. Similar work will now be carried out in Cipreses and Adelfas streets.

The streets are located in a residential area and local residents were consulted in order to ensure that the remodelling, which forms part of the Urban Development Plan met their needs.


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