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Neighbours of shooting incident nightclub unhappy with noise levels at venue

Neighbours of shooting incident nightclub unhappy with noise levels at venue

Residents in the vicinity are to voice their complaints concerning the Opium beach club at a meeting with Marbella town hall officials


Friday, 5 August 2022, 18:06


Opium beach club in Marbella is attracting the attention of the local authorities again following the shooting incident on 18 July when four people suffered gunshot wounds. That incident, in which three clubbers were arrested, led to the closure of the establishment while police investigations were carried out.

The closure was welcomed by neighbours who live in the residential developments of Lindasol and El Real Panorama as they have been complaining about noise from the club for some time. But now Opium's reopening has rekindled noise protests.

"It is affecting us physically and mentally," said Santiago Montero, a retired local policeman who lives in the El Real Panorama residential development. "It has become a macro-discotheque" he claims and asks for explanations from the town hall about the inspections and infringement proceedings carried out since it started operating.

These explanations will be given in the next few days as the councillors for Industry and Public Safety, Félix Romero and José Eduardo Días, respectively, are to meet with the affected neighbours.

The Opium beach club began with a restaurant licence without music and this year was granted an auditorium licence. Montero said this licence has legalised the noise levels for which, he claims, up to five neighbours are receiving treatment.

Among the requests reiterated on numerous occasions is the control of the sound limiter. It was precisely because of an irregularity in this device that led the Consistory to revoke the restaurant's seasonal licence. This was confirmed by the councillor for Industry,

Félix Romero recently confirmed that the club´s seasonal restaurant licence had been revoked after a routine inspection found irregularities in the sound limiter (which had been complained about previously).

Romero said that it remained to be clarified whether it was a manipulation or a malfunction of the sound limiting device. In 2020 Opium beach club was fined 6,000 euros in relation to problems with the limiter.

Montero also complains that the club never complies with the established timetable from 3pm to midnight. “They start at around 12.45pm and play music until two in the morning,” the retired policeman said.

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