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Truce reached over Spanish flags on luxury homes on the Costa del Sol

Truce reached over Spanish flags on luxury homes on the Costa del Sol


The community of owners, the majority foreigners, had threatened to take several families to court for flying Spain's national flag on their balconies, citing aesthetic reasons

Francisco Jiménez

Wednesday, 22 February 2023


Several residents at the luxury El Soto de Marbella development in Ojén, threatened with court proceedings if they did not remove the Spanish flag from their terraces, have reached a compromise at a recent meeting of the community of owners

Those affected agreed to remove the flags from the facades or set them back so that they are less visible from the outside, so that they comply with the statutes of the community which prohibits placing any object or sign, clothing or awnings outside the permitted areas.

The community of owners said there was never any intention to hound individuals for displaying the Spanish flag. «The only problem was the attitude contrary to the rules by certain people,» a community member said.

The member added that the neighbours – residents of different nationalities – «all clarified their love for Spain« and that choosing to spend their holidays in the country or to retire is a «proof of the affection they feel for it».

Cristina López, one of four owners who had received a warning letter for displaying a Spanish flag, said: «We have set back the flag a couple of metres in and avoided confrontation». López said she understood that the community of owners had «affection for our country and that it was not a question of going against the flag of Spain, but to avoid the terraces being filled with flags or other objects.»

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