New motorbike parking bays have been created in Marbella and Nueva Andalucía / josele

Almost 200 new parking spaces for motorbikes added in Marbella

The bays are distributed in 14 zones between Marbella and Nueva Andalucía


It's impossible to walk through the centre of Marbella without coming across motorbikes and scooters parked on the pavements. Whether it is for convenience or not to take up a space designated for cars, the fact is that motorbike parking has become a real issue in Marbella and in some cases can make accessibility difficult.

As such the town hall is working to offer solutions for two-wheeled vehicle users and pedestrians and has created 14 motorbike parking areas in different parts of Marbella and Nueva Andalucía, with a total of 167 new spaces.

The councillor for this area, Enrique Rodríguez, presented a project last week which, as he pointed out, "is part of the plan that we are developing throughout the town, in coordination with the districts, to facilitate the use of two-wheeled vehicles because it is one of the means of transport that most optimises traffic and we want to encourage them".

Pedestrian access

Rodríguez went on to say, "Spaces have been created that allow all types of parking, preventing motorbikes from occupying other parking spaces and so they don’t obstruct pedestrian access by parking on pavements.”

The councillor specified that the new spaces have been created in Calles Sierra Blanca, Reino de Aragón, Los Sitios, Víctor de la Serna, Urbano Sánchez, María Auxiliadora, Faro, Salduba, José Iturbi and Avenidas de la Independencia and Puerta del Mar in Marbella.

In Nueva Andalucía, seven new areas have been added in Calle Moratín and a dozen in Calle Gabriel García Márquez and the Avenidas Miguel de Cervantes and Valle Inclán.

He also pointed out that "these measures are being implemented progressively in compliance with a motion that was passed by the town hall in October 2020 and added that around 240 parking spaces have also been created in calles Víctor de la Serna, Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, Antonio Lizarza, Benalmádena and Las Flores.