Muñoz and town hall spokesperson Félix Romero at a recent press conference. / AYUNTAMIENTO DE MARBELLA

"Nothing to do with me or the town hall," Marbella mayor says about husband's court case

Ángeles Muñoz has accused detractors of trying to smear her ahead of next year's council elections


Ángeles Muñoz, the mayor of Marbella, has insisted again that a court case involving her husband has nothing to do with the town hall or with her and has accused people of trying to smear her ahead of next year’s council elections.

The High Court is investigating whether her husband was involved in money laundering and membership of a criminal organisation in a case featuring a gang led by Swedish nationals who exported large quantities of drugs, especially marijuana and hashish, from Spain to Scandinavia.

Muñoz said she had made it clear from the start that this was totally unconnected with her or with the council, but that with the elections coming up within a few months there are people with “a special interest” in trying to damage her politically.

Council spokesman Félix Romero backed her up, saying that “this happens every four years, we have been putting up with things like this for 15 years now every time the elections are approaching” and he described the situation as a clear case of ‘déja vu. “It’s a shame that there are people who want to manipulate everything when there are elections,” he said.