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Marbella's municipal budget set to increase by 10 per cent in 2024

Marbella's municipal budget set to increase by 10 per cent in 2024

The town hall forecasts 373 million euros in revenues for next year which include money from the auctioning of assets belonging to those convicted in the Malaya case

David Lerma


Thursday, 16 November 2023, 07:34


Marbella’s 2024 municipal budgets were presented to councillors on Wednesday 14 November as a preliminary step before being processed in next week's council meeting. Mayor of Marbella Ángeles Muñoz explained that the accounts for next year will exceed 361 million in expenditure, with an estimated 373 million in revenue, which is 40 million more than this year's budget. "They are proof of growth, dynamism and solvency in Marbella, as well as maintaining the commitment to investment and social policies," she explained.

Ten million euros are expected to come from the Court of Auditors which, according to Muñoz, could increase the town hall's coffers. The money will come from assets belonging to those convicted in, among others, the Malaya case (Operación Malaya) that are being auctioned off.

In total this is expected to bring in 40 million pro rata over four years. The money "will be used for major projects and to improve the services provided to residents," said the mayor, who pointed out a payment made in October of more than two million euros related to the case.


Muñoz also highlighted an increase of eight million euros, reaching up to 40 million euros, in the plusvalía tax. She added that the tax on installations, construction and works (ICIO), remains frozen, but said that a greater number of licence applications are being processed. "There will be almost 32 million euros - six million more than in 2023 - in the 2024 budget," she said.

There will be seven million euros more in investments in 2024 compared with 2023, with a total of 40 million, although this figure does not take into accoount loans. Muñoz welcomed the budgets prepared "with our own resources". Two million euros have been earmarked for the improvement and accessibility of the promenade.

A further 500,000 euros have been allocated to Marbella’s Local Police force to improve equipment and 650,000 euros for the installation of video surveillance systems. San Pedro will have its own budget, including 200,000 euros to renovate Calle Marqués del Duero.

Another half a million euros is earmarked for the Africa Hostel car park, "where we are working together with the Junta de Andalucía to be able to have the project itself, the tender for the construction and all the permits completed this year", Muñoz said.

The Urban Regeneration Plan will have a budget of three million euros to be divided between Marbella, Nueva Andalucía and Las Chapas and 800,000 euros will go to the construction of two playgrounds in the future Mediterranean Park. Another half a million euros will go to the lighthouse.

Sports facilities

The Trapiche del Prado retirement home will receive 2.2 million euros, almost three million for the refurbishment of El Trapiche itself, two million for the Guadaiza Technification Centre, 400,000 euros for Las Chapas swimming pool and 1.8 million for the Antonio Serrano Lima sports centre.

Muñoz explained that, in the case of the Antonio Lorenzo Cuevas municipal stadium, "There are plans to be able to start immediately on the demolition of the equipment and, from there, to be able to start the different phases once the town planning regulations come into force, which I hope we can have before the end of the year."

Social rights, personnel and running costs is the area which is set to see the most growth according to Muñoz, with a budget of almost 14 million euros; 13.61 per cent more than in 2023. 184 million euros have been set aside for staff salaries; four million more than this year. Similarly, current spending and services will increase, with 105 million euros, including free bus transport for residents and general maintenance of districts, schools and sports centres.

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