The horse sculpture will return to the fountain once it has been restored SUR
Marbella's famous horse fountain to be restored as it turns 40

Marbella's famous horse fountain to be restored as it turns 40

Its artist Amador Braojos will be in charge of improving the well-known sculpture, which has become an icon of the old town

María Albarral


Monday, 15 April 2024, 15:52


About to celebrate its 40th anniversary, Marbella's iconic horse fountain is to be given a facelift. The sculpture, which has been an symbol of the old town since 1985, will be removed temporarily for restoration work.

In the heart of the historic centre, the sculpture is the work of artist Amador Braojos. The town hall will be in charge of carrying out the project which, in the words of councillor Diego López, "is not huge, although it is important given what this icon represents, located in the heart of Marbella, in a very busy place, especially in high season, such as Avenida Ramón y Cajal Avenue, next to Calle Enrique del Castillo, opposite La Alameda".

The councillor pointed out the need for the work, "as the waterproofing of the interior of the pool is in poor condition, as is the exterior finish, as well as the box housing the water pump". López said it is three metres wide and 0.8 metres high, lined with slabs of Casares stone and has two planters attached. Inside is the statue, "that has an internal circuit for the water which, although not now because of the drought water restrictions, comes out through the horse's mane and the woman's hair", the councillor added. "The first thing that has been done is to dismantle the sculpture and move it to Madrid, where its creator is going to be in charge of restoring it."


The rest of the work will consist of dismantling the lighting and water pumping system, renovating the basin, the planters and the box that houses the pump, waterproofing the basin and the planters, installing the water pump and the new lights, and finishing with the marble cladding, the ornamental decoration and the re-installation of the figure.

Other sculptures

Marbella has many sculptures and architectural gems that set it apart from surrounding towns. Apart from the well-known horse fountain, another sculpture from the 80s, the Venus of Marbella has finally settled on the beach of El Faro after having changed location several times. The girl with the swing in the Alameda and the arch with the letters Marbella are other popular sculptures.

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