Town hall spokesman, Félix Romero, and mayor Ángeles Muñoz present Marbella's 2022 budget. / JOSELE

Marbella will have 323 million budget in 2022

The town hall will have an extra eleven million euros at their disposal


Having had to take account of the negative impact of changes to Plusvalía tax, Covid and settlements as a result of the historic Gil administration, Marbella council's budget for 2022 was approved this week. It will be 323 million euros in total, representing an increase of 3.4 percent, or eleven million euros.

This reflects a rise in the number of registered residents and corresponding increased income from the Junta and European funds.

The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, described the budget as the one for "recovery and the post-covid era, one that still supports social help and public services."