The councillor for Public Works, Diego López with the Las Chapas district councillor Carlos Alcalá / sur

Marbella Rugby Club to have car park by the end of the month

Work began ten days ago with the clearing of a 2,000 square metre dirt track to provide 50 spaces, where around 400 youngsters play the sport


At the end of August work began to create fifty parking spaces next to Marbella Rugby Club in Bahía's Park in Las Chapas, where around 400 youngsters play the sport.

After the recent construction of an annex training pitch on a 4,200 square metre plot, work is now under way to transform more than 2,000 square metres of dirt track into parking.

The councillor for Public Works, Diego López, explained that the work involves clearing the land, installing electricity cables and asphalting the area. He also said that three south-facing lampposts will be installed to avoid dazzling cars travelling along the A-7 and that a perimeter fence will be placed around the pitch to protect cars and signposts will be installed.

López also said that trees will be replanted in the Realejo stream, which runs alongside the land and that 750 metres of kerbing will be installed to protect the stream.

"With this project we are adding value to a natural area which, because it is so close to the motorway, has often become an uncontrolled rubbish dump", said the councillor, who reported that the work began ten days ago and will continue until the end of the month. "It is a project that has required a very complex procedure to obtain authorisation, which has slowed down the start of the work," he concluded.