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The Marbella environmental organisation giving plastic a second chance

The Marbella environmental organisation giving plastic a second chance

Ecomarb has teamed up with Puente Romano tennis club to investigate how to reuse rubber from balls in 3D printing to create new products

Joaquina Dueñas

Tuesday, 15 February 2022, 11:27


Marbella-based environmental organisation Ecomarb has teamed up with a number of organisations in the town, including Puente Romano tennis club, to tackle plastic pollution. They have launched a series of projects to remove plastic from the sea and give it a second life.

Esteban Ferrón is a tourism entrepreneur working in the high-end sector. Combining his professional experience and environmental awareness, he has come to the conclusion that "sustainability is the new luxury" and predicts that "tourists are going to choose destinations that respect the environment”.

Keen to do his bit for the environment, Ferrón founded Ecomarb, a platform that has the participation of various professionals, companies and volunteers, with several recycling and circular economy projects underway.

"The proposal includes research, raising awareness and finding solutions to problems," Ferrón explains. "A really nice project we are working on is with the Puente Romano tennis Club, to recycle tennis balls. They use an awful lot and are not recycled," he points out. "We are looking into converting the rubber into filaments and creating a product that can be used in 3D printing to create tennis trophies, for example," he describes.

Another initiative is Mares Circulares (circular seas). "We are collaborating with the Cofradía de pescadores de Marbella (fishing guild) and the Vertidos Cero (zero waste) association and we have the support of the Coca-Cola foundation," he says. "The fishing boats collect plastic from the seabed and take it to a container so that it can be recycled," explains Ferrón.

"One of the uses that can be given to this recovered plastic is the manufacture of street furniture," the Ecomarb founder explains. As such, another of the projects is the creation of a bench that will be donated to Marbella town hall to be placed in a public place in the town, "as something symbolic" so that it becomes iconic.


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