The maximum speed for scooters in Marbella is 20 kilometres per hour. Josele
Marbella electric scooter bylaw still not in force

Marbella electric scooter bylaw still not in force

The regulation was approved during a council meeting in September 2023 but is still awaiting publication in the Official Bulletin of the Province of Malaga (Bopma)

María Albarral


Wednesday, 31 January 2024, 09:37


Electric scooters have become a common sight in many towns and cities in recent years. However, as their popularity has risen, the public has developed a love-hate relationship with the two-wheeled vehicles. Town halls are updating bylaws to include them and Marbella approved its own regulations in September 2023, but they have not yet entered into force and the document has not yet appeared in the Official Bulletin of the Province of Malaga (Bopma) for it to become effective.

The bylaw explains that "bike lanes, cycle lanes and cycle paths will be the natural ecosystem" for scooters and townhall spokesperson, Félix Romero, pointed out at the time the bylaw was approved that it gave "a specific regulation to each of these routes”.

The new regulation sets the maximum speed at 20 kilometres per hour. However, in 90 per cent of the designated scooter areas it will be limited to 10 kilometres per hour and even reducing it to five kilometres per hour in certain areas. Users will also have to push the scooter in other areas, including the promenade. There is also the possibility of restricting use at certain times in the coastal area.

The regulation establishes a minimum age of 14 years and that "the use of helmets, lighting, reflective items and the possession of compulsory insurance" must also be adhered to. Romero pointed out that "in terms of parking there will be 28 locations throughout the municipality" and authorised guided routes for tourist activities have also been established.

The bylaw also "regulates the activity of companies that rent this type of vehicle, subjecting their activity to an annual authorisation", obliging them to get the correct insurance and to register with the town hall.

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