Irish tourists arrested in Marbella for assaulting police officers who asked them to turn the music down
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Irish tourists arrested in Marbella for assaulting police officers who asked them to turn the music down

The two suspects allegedly lashed out at the officers after telling them that they did not intend to stop the party in the holiday flat

Irene Quirante

Monday, 6 May 2024, 12:15


Two Irish tourists, both 29, have been arrested in Marbella for allegedly assaulting two Local Police officers who had knocked on their door in the early hours of the morning to ask them to turn the music down. Both officers were injured in the shoulder, SUR has learned.

The incident happened on the night of 26 April in a holiday flat on Avenida de Las Mimosas in Marbella. At around 4.50am, the 092 Local Police hotline received a call in which a person complained about noise coming from the property, where a party was apparently being held.

The caller said that he had already asked the tourists to lower the volume on several occasions, but that they ignored the requests. Two Local Police officers were sent to the property, where they verified that the noise was disturbing the neighbours.

The officers rang the doorbell and were met by one of the men who was later held. They asked to see the tourist's documents and according to sources, not only did he refuse, but he told them that they were partying and had no intention of turning down the music.

Sources state that moments later, the other tourist to be later arrested, came out onto the landing and, in a cocky attitude, reiterated that they were on holiday and partying, after which he tried to close the door on the officers, who put their foot down to prevent him from doing so.

At the officers' insistence, the first man agreed to show his passport identification, while maintaining that they did not intend to turn down the music. At one point, the other tourist allegedly lunged at the officers, in a surprise move, and punched one of them, before closing the door.

Given the immediate situation, the officers called for back-up, after which three more police officers arrived at the flat. They again urged the suspects to open the door, and, according to sources, the tourist who had allegedly already assaulted one officer, violently opened door and assaulted one of the officers again.

The officers then proceeded to restrain the man, who allegedly kept throwing kicks and punches in an attempt to avoid arrest. At this point, the other tourist also allegedly assaulted the officers who had arrived as back-up, for which he was also arrested.

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