Some of the items seized / SUR

Illegal Puerto Banús marijuana club closed down

Officers arrested three people after finding more than 1,000 grammes of the drug inside the premises hidden in bags, sweets and biscuits

Irene Quirante

An allegedly illegal smoking club where marijuana was being sold and consumed in Puerto Banús, Marbella, has been raided and closed down by Marbella’s Local Police and three people have been arrested for their alleged involvement in a crime against public health.

The events took place on the night of Tuesday 28 June, when plainclothes officers were patrolling the port area. The officers observed two people smoking what appeared to be marijuana joints before entering a shop.

Surveillance cameras

The establishment had no sign on the outside identifying its activity and had surveillance cameras facing the street. The door also appeared to have a somewhat unusual access system. However, the officers took advantage of the fact that a woman was entering and followed her in.

According to SUR sources, once inside the officers had to pass through a second security door. It was at that point that they showed their police ID cards to a person inside a glassed-in booth, who allegedly indicated that they were dealing with a marijuana association.

Sale and consumption of drugs

The agents located six people inside the supposed club who were using drugs, as well as a bar where the sale of drugs was allegedly taking place. Above the bar there were television screens on which the prices of the substances were specified. The officers seized more than 1,000 grammes of marijuana in different forms and containers, such as cigarettes, transparent bags, sweets and biscuits.

They also seized 21 jars with hashish resin totalling 69.2 grammes; three boxes with 44.4 grams of hashish and nine small boxes with 168.7 grammes of the same substance, as well as a container of 'moonrocks' (cannabis flower buds dipped in extracts and covered in kief); two precision scales and five knives for weighing and cutting the drugs.

They also found 1,600 euros in cash and arrested three people between the ages of 22 and 28 for their alleged involvement in a crime against public health. SUR has also learned that the establishment was also operating as a hotel and restaurant with music without a licence.