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'We have brought the atmosphere of Ibiza to Marbella': Top honour for founder of Costa of Sol hospitality business

'We have brought the atmosphere of Ibiza to Marbella': Top honour for founder of Costa of Sol hospitality business

Carmen Navarrete of Grupo Mosh, who has been presented with this year's young entrepreneur, explains how she got started in the entertainment sector

David Lerma


Sunday, 10 December 2023, 22:45


Partner and co-founder of Grupo Mosh, Carmen Navarrete, has been honoured with this year's national young entrepreneur award in Spain. The Marbella local's efforts were recognised in the hospitality category.

Navarrete played a huge part in bringing Playa Padre to Marbella, a beach club that her group opened in 2017 in the El Cable area, adding to the classic Marbella chic. "We've brought the Ibiza vibe with the Mexican scent and certain boho touches to Marbella," she said.

Her style connects the best with the young, as affluent people from all over the world come to Marbella every year in search of fun and luxury. Grupo Mosh presented one of its latest projects this year, the reopening of La Cabane in Los Monteros, where chef Dani Garcia cooks. Dolce & Gabbana has collaborated with the group and been in charge of decorating the huge site.

"I was born in London. My parents are from Seville and spent 20 years living abroad. My roots in hospitality start there. My father worked for Roger Carrier, a French chef who had his own restaurants. One of them, the most famous, had the Queen Mother of England as a customer" she said. Carrier, born in the United States, was a celebrated food journalist, and author of a dozen books, who became one of the greats in England's gastronomy scene.

Navarrete said she was 18 months old when her mother chose to return to southern Spain. Carrier put her in touch with the Regine's restaurant, founded by hotel businesswoman Regine Zylberberg in Marbella in the 1960s, and became the venue's director. "That's why we came to Marbella and that's where my history with the town was born," she said.

Navarrete pointed out that she battled with doubts about what to do when she was younger. "In other cultures it is common for students to take a sabbatical year to find themselves. I didn't get it. I finished my diploma in social work in Malaga, precisely because I was about to do something related to health sciences, but it didn't suit me and in the end I changed to work sciences in Seville, a career that gave me more opportunities," she added.

She then started working at the Olivia Valere nightclub before starting her first project Mosh Fun Kitchen in 2016 with her now-partner Albert Beniflah. "In Olivia Valere our professional journey started to be written," Navarrete said. "They liked us, but they still didn't have confidence in us, but they let us take the area of Le Privé, which is the area with the piano bar and disco. We were there for eight years and ended up running the whole place. "I learned everything there," she continued. "This sector has become my profession and it was there that I discovered that I wanted to dedicate myself to it, that I was passionate about it."

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