The police confiscated the items found during the search. / sur

Two arrested after police raid a San Pedro Alcántara coffee shop found to be selling giant joints for 1,000 euros each

The pair are accused of an offence against public health for allegedly selling marijuana on the premises


Police have arrested two people who run a coffee shop in San Pedro Alcántara, for selling marijuana - including giant-sized joints for 1,000 euros each - on the premises.

A statement issued by the National Police headquarters in Malaga said officers working on the investigation, which was called Operation Trompeta, visited the premises on 14 June and confiscated 397 joints, some of which were much larger than normal. They detained a man aged 33 and woman aged 39 for an offence against public health.

The investigation began after information reached the police about an increase in the consumption of narcotic substances in the area of the coffee shop, which is in the centre of San Pedro. When monitoring the premises, officers noted a steady stream of people going inside and then coming out just a few moments later.

After obtaining a search warrant, the police went in to investigate and found 2,160 grammes of marijuana, 663 grammes of hashish, 397 prepared joints – some of them giant-sized - and 372 euros in cash.