A Marbella beach this Monday. JOSELE
Red flags fly on Marbella beaches due to fog

Red flags fly on Marbella beaches due to fog

Visibility was poor along the Costa del Sol on Monday, leading to fears for bathers' safety

JOaquina Dueñas

Monday, 25 July 2022, 17:32


The dense fog hanging over the Costa del Sol this Monday saw red flags flying due to poor visibility on the beaches.

In Marbella, the sea fog, known locally as "taró", made the shoreline practically invisible, prompting the decision to fly the red flag along the town's entire coastline, from Cabopino to San Pedro.

The precautionary measure was adopted to ensure bathers' safety said the town hall. The authority added that all of the red flags were for the same reason and so they would be replaced by green ones as soon as the fog lifted.

San Pedro with its yellow flag on Monday afternoon. JOSELE

When visibility improved later on Monday afternoon, bathing was permitted again. Some beaches flew the yellow flag, however, to warn of the presence of jellyfish.

Taró is a sailors' term used in Malaga province for advection fog and is related to the difference in temperature between the cooler sea water and the warm air.

Low clouds around the Gibralfaro castle were mistaken for smoke. MANUEL JOSÉ VILLAMUELA

Also on Monday, yellow flags were raised on beaches in Malaga city due to the thick layer of low-lying fog. Several members of the public even reported a possible forest fire near the Gibralfaro castle, confusing the low clouds for smoke.




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