The state of the vehicle after it crashed. CNP
Drug-running driver crashes in Calahonda after high-speed police chase that left four officers injured

Drug-running driver crashes in Calahonda after high-speed police chase that left four officers injured

National Police arrested the suspect after the accident and found that he was carrying 48 kilos of hashish in the boot of the vehicle

Wednesday, 17 January 2024, 11:06


A 50-year-old man has been arrested after allegedly leading a police chase that ended with his vehicle crashing into the crash barrier of the access to the A-7 motorway in Calahonda and injuring four policemen. It all started in the early hours of last Sunday (14 January), when two cars travelling at more than 200 kilometres per hour overtook a National Police car patrolling in Marbella .

In view of the alleged speeding, the police crew chased after the vehicles and stopped one of them, in which only one Spanish individual was travelling. According to police sources, while one of the officers checked the suspect's background, his partner was about to open the boot of the car when the driver allegedly started the car again and left the scene.

The police officers, who had to jump out of the way to avoid being run over as the man drove off, were hurt, although their injuries were described as minor. They quickly returned to their patrol vehicle and went after the fleeing driver, as well as alerting other police units.


The suspect drove into Marbella, where he allegedly continued to drive in a reckless manner. Before taking the Calahonda exit, according to sources, he was apparently rammed by another police car with two officers in it. The pursuit ended some 20 minutes later in the vicinity of the Calahonda motorway access, when the fleeing driver lost control of the car and it smashed into the crash barrier.

The individual allegedly tried to escape on foot after the traffic accident, although he was stopped by several officers. Police, when they inspected the car used in the escape, found that the driver was carrying 48 kilos of hashish in the boot. The suspect was arrested for the crimes of attacking the law enforcement authorities and against public health.

More police cars

As a result of the incident, the ASP (Alternativa Sindical Policial) trade union has highlighted the need for more patrol cars on the streets given "the crime rate in the area", and that there should be a better distribution of police officers stationed in Marbella.

Similarly, the ASP demanded greater legal and corporate protection for officers in the line of duty and recalled that the union has been calling on the Ministry of the Interior for some time to take measures to deal with the increase in assaults on police officers.

The ASP considers that it is important that the perpetrators of crimes of attacks on authority serve the prison sentence imposed by the Penal Code and that they do not go unpunished, after reporting that in 2023 there were more than 13,000 attacks on officers of the State Forces and Corps in Spain.

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