Dog is rescued by police after being found locked up without food or water in Marbella storage shed
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Dog is rescued by police after being found locked up without food or water in Marbella storage shed

Its foreign owner had gone back to his home country 18 months ago and left the animal in the care of a friend, who has been charged by officers for an alleged offence of animal abuse

Tuesday, 6 February 2024, 17:50


Officers from the Marbella Local Police station have rescued a dog that was found in a very serious condition after spending several months locked in a storage room without food or water and tied to a metre-long rope in the town. The officers were carrying out a surveillance operation when they received a call alerting them that a dog had been abandoned in an area next to a building near Parque de la Represa.

The municipal police officers, following the tip-off, went to the scene and met with the owner of the premises, who told them that the owner of the animal had been living illegally in the house and had moved out some months ago, leaving the dog abandoned in the storage room.

The officers went inside, where they found the dog, a bull terrier, tied up with a rope and showing signs of malnutrition and dehydration and in a very weak state. The animal apparently had visible injuries consistent with the extremely filthy conditions of the area.

The storage shed, according to police, was completely closed and the dog had not had access to food or water, so it showed signs of having ingested its own excrement due to the continuous and prolonged lack of food.

The officers contacted the veterinary health service of the town hall, who took the dog to the Triple A Association of Friends of Abandoned Animals, where it received the necessary care.

Additionally, the town checked the animal's microchip and, according to the Andalusian animal identification register, the original owner of the dog was a foreign citizen living in Benalmádena whose whereabouts are unknown.

The Local Police located the current owner of the animal, a 36-year-old man from Marbella, who said that the dog's owner had gone to his home country a year and a half ago and had left the dog in his care. The officers opened court proceedings against the man for an alleged offence of animal abuse.

The police also reported several breaches of Spain's new animal welfare regulations including having left the animal permanently locked up in a storage room and abandoning it, as well as not keeping the dog in good hygienic-sanitary conditions and not carrying out the vaccinations and obligatory treatments required by animal welfare regulations.

The new animal welfare law has maximum fines of up to 10,000 euros for minor offences, 50,000 euros for serious infractions and up to 200,000 euros for very serious crimes.

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