An image of some of the items that were seized / SUR

Counterfeit luxury goods seized at markets on the Costa del Sol

Police located around 3,000 items in ten vehicles and according to an initial assessment the items would have a market value of 400,000 euros

Irene Quirante

Spain's Guardia Civil police force has seized some 3,000 counterfeit luxury items at flea markets in Marbella and Estepona, ranging from clothing to household goods and accessories. They are also investigating four people for allegedly committing an offence against industrial property.

A police operation was deployed around the flea market that was set up inside the Estepona marina. After inspecting ten vehicles, the agents seized 2,954 items of allegedly counterfeit luxury goods including Christian Dior towels, Chanel scarves and Louis Vuitton bags.

According to the investigation, the provisional estimate of the value of seized articles would be around 400,000 euros on the market. Judicial proceedings have begun.