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Costa del Sol is a hot destination for the growing trend of 'workations'

Costa del Sol is a hot destination for the growing trend of 'workations'

Many hotels, cafés and restaurants have created special areas allowing them to become improvised office spaces, ready to welcome this new type of customer who is trying to find a balance between work and leisure

María Albarral


Tuesday, 19 March 2024, 15:33

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The idea of a 'workation' (work + vacation = workation) sums up the life of a digital nomad: work from home but at the same time make sure you’re in a place where you can really make most of your free time in tourist hotspots. Marbella is a hot destination for this new type of young professional and large multinational companies are beginning to see the benefits of offering such lifestyles to their employees.

The benefits for the company include attracting talented professionals who are put off accepting job offers that would otherwise tie them to one place, offering them free time in holiday destinations, increasing their general wellbeing and ultimately their productivity.

The pandemic gave rise to the phenomenon of digital nomads and Marbella has been a pioneer in adapting its offer to this changing work-life balance. The town has already created a number of coworking spaces offering all the services and hotels, cafés and restaurants have also turned themselves into improvised office spaces, ready to welcome this type of customer.

“They come to our large restaurant and have breakfast while at the computer and some even stay for lunch. They’re in an unbeatable environment and it’s great for us because they are constantly ordering food and drinks,” explained Eva Lozano, Senior Sales Manager at Boho Club Hotel who adds that “quality spaces to work have been created with WiFi”.

Coworking at The Pool in Marbella. Josele

It’s the same situation at Puente Romano Beach Resort hotel where they have also adapted some of the areas to create work spaces, meeting rooms and everything that a professional might need to create an unbeatable working environment. “We separate the bedroom from the work space so that work and rest time are in different areas,” explained Cristina Borges, marketing and accommodation manager.

There are also a number of co-working spaces in Marbella. One of them, The Pool, opened last year and has around 300 people representing 35 different nationalities on its books. “This change has allowed us to start up and grow. Before the pandemic it wouldn’t have been possible to prosper in this type of business but since then people have learned to appreciate the importance of a work-life balance,” said CEO Cristhian Rasmusson.

He pointed out that the profile of people coming to Marbella is no longer retired foreigners, but “professionals who are looking for not just the climate and wellbeing but also a network of international contacts. Quality networking.”

For Catherine Op de Beeck, a Belgian business owner who opened her decorative painting business on the Costa del Sol a year ago, “as well as the network of businesses that can work together, living in Marbella is paradise.”

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