The Club Med Magna Marbella hotel opened in May / josele

Club Med Magna ends first summer in Marbella with 90% occupancy rate

The hotel chain is also targeting the local market, offering day passes that give access to the resort's services, including swimming pools and restaurants


Club Med Magna Marbella, which opened its doors in May this year, has closed its first summer with an average occupancy rate of 90 per cent. The holiday company say that the outlook for the coming months is also promising, with an average rate of 88 per cent.

"After two years of the coronavirus crisis, clients from Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, England and Holland have decided that it was time to travel again and have been seduced by the tranquillity, premium services, the all-inclusive offer and the conviviality offered by Club Med", the company explained.

Around 40 per cent of clients are new to the chain and are mainly families (58%). The average stay is seven days, although they said that during July and August it rose to eight days. However, in September and October a reduction to six is expected. On average, clients spent 214 euros per person per day.

Rabeea Ansari, managing director for Southern Europe and emerging markets said: "We are expected to increase our turnover by 162 per cent in the first half of 2023 compared to the same period last year".

Ansari went on to say, "We attract on average 64 per cent of new customers in Spain and we have observed that once they experience the product and the Club Med offer, they become loyal.” The hotel is also targeting the local public to who they are offering day passes that give access to use the resort's services, including swimming pools and restaurants.