Councillor Diego López with cleaning operatives. / sur

Marbella boosts cleaning services to cope with the influx of tourists in summer

This month, the population of the Costa del Sol town is expected to reach 400,000 inhabitants


Last month the population of Marbella increased by 155% to 372,590 because of the number of people holidaying in the municipality, and the town hall expects the figure to reach 400,00 in August.

The councillor for Public Cleaning, Works and Infrastructure, Diego López, said that 9,862 tonnes of rubbish were collected last month, which was 735 tonnes more than in July last year. As the council is obliged to provide adequate services for this massive increase in population, he explained that street cleaning has been extended and is being carried out in three shifts (morning, afternoon and at night) and more rubbish collection services are being put into effect.

“The peak season is not only an important time of year for tourism, retail and the local economy, but also for our cleaning services because we have to cope with an exponential increase in the number of people in Marbella,” he said. He also called on people to play their part and not leave rubbish outside the bins or dispose of it outside the authorised times because otherwise it this gives the own a bad image.

López also explained that, going by the amount of rubbish collected each month, the population of Marbella is higher than normal all through the year.

So far July has been the month with the greatest increase in absolute terms, with 229,204 more people than those officially registered as living in the municipality, followed by June with 192,139 extra inhabitants, May with 180,672 and April with 172,935.

“The estimations for August are very positive and we are expecting more than 400,000 people to spend time in Marbella this month,” he said.