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New children's and sports area for Marbella’s El Trapiche Norte area

New children's and sports area for Marbella’s El Trapiche Norte area

The facilities will also serve as a playground for the nearby Xarblanca primary school and there is also a calisthenics section

David Lerma


Monday, 12 September 2022, 16:50


With an investment of more than one million euros, the new Xarblanca public park, in Marbella’s El Trapiche Norte, opened on Saturday 10 September.

The work was complicated by the need to lay the high-voltage power lines that crossed the municipal plot under the ground, which belongs to Marbella town hall. "We had to reach a consensus with Endesa, it did not depend only on the municipal budget. This area has many homes and many families with children. This green space of more than 7,000 square metres was something they had asked us for,” said mayor Ángeles Muñoz.

"We have divided the space into several zones," Muñoz explained. The lower part connects directly with the Xarblanca primary school but it will also be open to the public. The children's play area has several areas of rockeries, a zip wire and swings, which are all in a fenced area and covered with artificial grass. Local children were able to enjoy the new playground during Saturday’s opening ceremony.

More than 60 trees and various Mediterranean shrub beds have been planted around the park’s perimeter and they have an automated irrigation system. The upper part is home to a basketball court, a table-tennis table, a chess table and a picnic area.


Perhaps the main attraction in the north-east area will be the new calisthenics area, a sporting activity that is becoming increasingly popular in the town. In addition, 42 new parking spaces have been built, which will help to alleviate parking problems in that area of the town.

Although the burying of the power lines has made the construction of this new park possible, in front of it there is still a high-voltage tower, fenced off by a wall, spoils the views of the Sierra Blanca mountains from the park. Both trees and shrubs need time to grow and there are still a few details to be finished.

"The finishing touches will be completed next week", Muñoz said, before going on to thank the company awarded the contract, Probisa, for the promptness with which they have executed the works, despite the difficulties they have encountered due to the shortage of materials and the transport costs derived from the current energy crisis.

The presentation was attended by local residents and various members of Marbella town hall, including the councillor for security, José Eduardo Díaz and the councillor for public works, Diego López.

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