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Passengers raise alarm as Fuengirola-Marbella bus bursts into flames

Passengers raise alarm as Fuengirola-Marbella bus bursts into flames


The rear of the articulated vehicle was totally gutted, but no injuries were reported during the blaze on the old N-340 road near the welcome arch to the town

Francisco Jiménez


Monday, 27 February 2023, 12:11


A bus on the interurban line that connects Fuengirola with Marbella was totally gutted on Saturday, causing a stir but, fortunately, neither the ten passengers travelling on the vehicle at the time nor the driver were injured.

It was the passengers themselves who alerted the driver that smoke was coming out of the rear of the articulated vehicle, where the engine is located, when he was at the bus stop located just before the welcome arch to Marbella on the old N-340. All the occupants immediately left the bus before the fire escalated, so there were no injuries.

As confirmed by the 112 emergency service coordination centre, shortly before ten in the morning calls were received from passengers and other witnesses warning of the fire. Marbella firefighters were quickly on the scene and managed to put out the fire when it was already spreading through the rear passenger compartment of the articulated bus.

Local Police officers also attended the scene, which blocked traffic on the old N-340 until the flames were extinguished. Nearby there were other buses, but they were not affected. According to firefighters, the blaze originated in the engine of the bus.

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